the children's centre


The children‘s centre at The Body Shop has been our child care and now Kindergarten for the past 4 years. I have done my research and been to other centres and nothing compares or can compete. The meal plans are excellent and well thought out, excellent and transparent communication and amazing additional activities for the children including languages, incursions and yoga. I could not be happier!

Portoglou Family

We feel very fortunate to have found The Children‘s Centre at The Body Shop about 6 years ago. We have two children who have attended the centre and we have always been impressed by the dedication of the educators. They take such interest and pride in contributing to the development of each child. It‘s tough sometimes to leave your little ones in the care of others, especially when they have separation anxiety, but the caring staff have always been able to ease some of the guilt. We can‘t thank you enough!

Long Family

"Quality care" are the first words that come into my mind when I think of The children‘s centre at The Body Shop. My two sons started in the possum room at 8 months old so it was very important for me to be able to have the confidence to leave them in a childcare centre where I was 100% sure that they will be well looked after.

From day one I have been so pleased with the facility, programs, catering and especially the fantastic educators - both carers and office workers. I find all the educators to be very friendly and professional and trust that they give my sons 110% care and attention at all times.

It is very reassuring to see my children with a big smile on their face as I drop them off in the morning and pick them up in the afternoon. I highly recommend The children‘s centre at The Body Shop for any parent looking for first class childcare facility for their children.

Karen Rousseau ( past parent)

Since our daughter joined the child care centre her social skills have developed amazingly. She is always looking forward to attending the centre, whenever we pass by Jackson‘s road she gets very excited, this is reassuring as parents to see. I find the educators are also very welcoming and always helpful, centre communication is very good and we are very happy with the food.


Patel family

My boys have attended the children‘s centre since they were little babies, my oldest son started high school this year and my youngest will start Primary school next year. I cannot praise management and staff enough for what they have done for both my sons over the years. We call the children‘s centre our second family as they have been there from the beginning to nurture and care for my children and have provided such a loving and safe environment for them to grow up in. The centre provides such a happy, social and educational place that my boys absolutely love attending. I know that my children and myself will be extremly sad to say goodbye when the time comes for my youngest to start school. The centre goes above and beyond to care for all children attending, they provide cooking, dancing, languages and many incursions. They have such great programs that are not offered by any other centres and they care for your child like it was their own.



Hatzi Family (Past family)

My family has been at The Children‘s centre for 7 years now and I am still so impressed with the centre as I was when my first child started with them. The carers and staff are the stars here, providing professional and genuine care, tailored to each individual child. Staff turnover is very low and their experience with children speaks volumes in managing challenging behaviours, settling, encouraging growth and providing a caring and nurturing environment for the children. I have seen my children and their peers grow in self-esteem, increasing resilience and becoming school ready over time. I cannot imagine my children going anywhere else!

Leong family

From my intial dealings with the centre through to my sons orientation and my return to work, I could not be more delighted with how the process has unfolded. What could have been a very stressful time has proven to be an easy transition for our family.

The educators have been an absolute delight to deal with and have shown genuine care and concern towards our son in ensuring that he feels safe and secure. Total respect has been given towards our sons routine and as a result he has shown no signs of distress in adapting to his new environment. As his mother I have total confidence in leaving our son in their care and have been able to return to work focusing on my job as opposed to worrying about him.


Georgie Stocker (past parent)

We have been coming to the children‘s centre for 7 years now and from the moment we walked in the door it has felt like home. The incredible staff and facilities provide a fantastic environment and program for our kids to grow, thrive, be challenged and explore. We have really valued the ability to support individual developmental needs. More importantly though the teams genuine investment and interest in each individual child and their family has ensured we have confidence and comfort in the high level of care and variety of experiences offered.

Lubbe family (past family)

The children‘s centre is an absolutley outstanding, caring and stimulating environment for Early learning and by far and away the best in this local area. Both my children have attended since they were 1 year of age (now 4 and 2 years old). We have chosen for my daughter to complete her 4 year old Kinder year here as we think the overall approach to Early learning is soundly based on current research and best practice and is more age appropriate than that of many other providers. The centre focuses on play based learning, outdoor time, building confidence, self help skills, healthy minds and bodies and positive relationships whilst nurturing children to develop at their own pace. There are so many wonderful educational and enriching programs that the children participate in, including learning languages, Music and movement, Yoga, cooking and gardening and many incursions throughout the year.The children are constantly exposed to awareness of other cultures through dedicated cultural days and activities i.e. Diwali, Chinese New Year, Olympics. I also appreciate the friendships developed through extended parent network and the high level of parent and broader community involvement which is encouraged, both in terms of participation in the program i.e. coming in to read or share skills as well through many ‘family events‘ organised by the centre throughout the year i.e. Grandparents day, Mothers Day, Fathers Day and the annual Christmas Party. I dont think it would be possible to over recommend The Children‘s centre, it‘s highly qualified and caring educators or it‘s program. If you want the best possible start to life for your children, you have come to the right place. 

Blanch-de Wilt Family